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Valuable Fitness Voices

Here are some of the few "Fitness Influencers" who actually provide very good informations.

The Fitness Industry is full of sharks and many influencers, especially among the most popular, don't hesitate to serve bad-quality or totally misleading informations to maximize attraction and profit. This is why I want to share with you the best sources of informations I have come across on the wild net...

"My mission is to share important stories, encourage nuanced thinking and inspire you to take your fitness to the next level through documentaries."

Coach Greg

"I am a Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, published author, influencer, and Guinness World Record holding powerlifter with a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Kinesiology. I tell you the TRUTH, no BS!"

Shredded Sport Science

Fitness. Comedy. Social Media Satire.
"I hold multiple academic Sports Science Degrees, additional fitness certifications and endless Dad jokes. I do not sell any courses or services and I do not take any paid sponsorships."

Natasha Océane

Fitness, food and fun!